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EAVESDROPPING THREAT SWEEPS (TECHNICAL SURVEILLANCE COUNTER MEASURES INSPECTION) (TSCMI) 2022 - Electronic Counter Measures, sweeping for illegal electronic bugs
LOFT AND CONFINED SPACES POLE CAMERA SYSTEM (NATO CODIFIED) 2022 - Loft and Confined Spaces Pole Camera System. Supplied as a complete integral piece of equipment with separate colour and black and white cameras.
SCORPION UDV COVERT INFRA RED UNDERDOOR ILLUMINATOR (NATO CODIFIED) - The Goodman Bentley Covert infra-red under door illuminator is a circular arrangement of optical lighting fibres that forms into a 120mm wide line.
SCORPION UDV UNDERDOOR VIEWER(NATO CODIFIED)2022 - Designed for use by Law Enforcement officers and the Military Rapid Intervention Teams
SEARCHER LOW COST SPECIALIST CAMERA SYSTEM (NATO CODIFIED) - The Goodman Bentley SEARCHER system provides those tasked with searching hard to reach areas, with a totally safe method of remote inspection.
STEALTH COVERT FIBRE-SCOPE KIT (NATO CODIFIED)2022 - The Stealth Covert Surveillance Kit is a group of 3 specialised fibre-scopes typically used in association with low noise drilling operations.
STEALTH LOW NOISE DRILLING SYSTEM (NATO CODIFIED)2022 - STEALTH Low Noise Drilling system is a small unique drill assembly, manufacturered and redesigned following customer requests, which now out perform all other drills for this covert operational work.
STEALTH WATER PUMP SYSTEM (NATO CODIFIED)2022 - STEALTH water pump system is a self-contained peristaltic water pump coupled to a diamond core drill for use when tackling solid concrete using the STEALTH drill.

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