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CO2 HIDDEN PERSON DETECTOR GFM 226 (NATO CODIFIED)2019 - Handheld unit and probes for searching for hidden people in confined spaces
CO2 PEAR DROP RESCUE PROBE(NATO CODIFIED)2019 - Currently used by Border & Immigration Force -CO2 Pear Drop Rescue Probe for Rescue Organisations and Fire Brigades in their search for buried people in circumstances where they may be trapped.
EAVESDROPPING THREAT SWEEPS (TECHNICAL SURVEILLANCE COUNTER MEASURES INSPECTION) (TSCMI) 2019 - Electronic Counter Measures, sweeping for illegal electronic bugs
HELMET BRACKETS (NATO CODIFIED)2019 - Brackets for carrying all systems such a torches/cameras in Rapid Intervention
LOFT AND CONFINED SPACES POLE CAMERA SYSTEM (NATO CODIFIED) 2019 - Loft and Confined Spaces Pole Camera System. Supplied as a complete integral piece of equipment with separate colour and black and white cameras.
POLECAT - The new Polecat is an advanced wireless high level platform system designed to carry the weight of PTZ camera
RECON COMPACT NON LINEAR JUNCTION DETECTOR RECON (NATO CODIFIED)2019 - ACTIVE AND PASSIVE DETECTION RECON Portable Non Linear Junction Detector NLJD is designed for the detection of both active and passive electronic devices.
SCORPION UDV COVERT INFRA RED UNDERDOOR ILLUMINATOR (NATO CODIFIED) - The Goodman Bentley Covert infra-red under door illuminator is a circular arrangement of optical lighting fibres that forms into a 120mm wide line.
SCORPION UDV UNDERDOOR VIEWER(NATO CODIFIED)2019 - Designed for use by Law Enforcement officers and the Military Rapid Intervention Teams
SEARCHER LOW COST SPECIALIST CAMERA SYSTEM (NATO CODIFIED) - The Goodman Bentley SEARCHER system provides those tasked with searching hard to reach areas, with a totally safe method of remote inspection.
STEALTH COVERT FIBRE-SCOPE KIT (NATO CODIFIED)2019 - The Stealth Covert Surveillance Kit is a group of 3 specialised fibre-scopes typically used in association with low noise drilling operations.
STEALTH LOW NOISE DRILLING SYSTEM (NATO CODIFIED)2019 - STEALTH Low Noise Drilling system is a small unique drill assembly, manufacturered and redesigned following customer requests, which now out perform all other drills for this covert operational work.
STEALTH WATER PUMP SYSTEM (NATO CODIFIED)2019 - STEALTH water pump system is a self-contained peristaltic water pump coupled to a diamond core drill for use when tackling solid concrete using the STEALTH drill.
TALOS UNDER-CAR BOMB DETECTOR (NATO CODIFIED)2019 - Talos is a dual function system giving the driver a visual warning if a magnet of reasonable strength is fitted to the underside of the car and also configurable for remote alarm signalling
THROUGH WALL HUMAN RADAR DETECTOR SYSTEM CPR-4 (NATO CODIFIED)2019 - Highly effective, low cost , and easy to use devices to detect human beings behind walls and other solid obstacles.
W.O.L.V.E.S 3 AND MUZZLE UNIT-(NATO CODIFIED)2019 - Wireless Operational Link & Video Exploration System

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