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Thursday, May 1, 2003

THE latest invention by DC Gil Boyd is set to throw a different light on the future of small torches currently in use with the Police and Military. Gil developed the Dynamic Entry Beam, or DEB, in his spare time and it has been trialed for over a year by both the police and military, taken into use by several Police Force Firearms Units and is currently being evaluated by the Explosives Ordnance Bomb Disposal.

The UK trials have been so successful that the torch is highlighted as outperforming all its rivals of equivalent size and a number of them have been dispatched to the Gulf by the Military to see how they test under extreme desert conditions.

A U.S company Techno Sales Global Inc. in Florida - has also identified the torchs potential and have taken over the manufacture and supply to law enforcement and Military users world-wide. Gil said: I am really proud of the torch, it will take the small specialist market by storm. I aimed its design primarily to fit alongside my varying designs of helmet bracket currently in use by Police and Military Rapid Intervention teams.

I was approached by the Military to come up with a that would fit my brackets and totally illuminate a darkened room without the complications of having to manually focus a beam and improve light intensity.

The product talked about in this article is an earlier design to that currently being marketed by Goodman Bentley. The current product is known as WOLFEYES.


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