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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

A SPECIAL torch developed by Huntingdon-based policeman and inventor Gil Boyd has been sent out to the Gulf for military testing under extreme desert conditions.

The torch, worn on a helmet, could become a valuable tool for bomb disposal officers and firearms teams who need a powerful source of light.

It may also be taken on by NATO and police forces around the world after a trial proved highly successful.

Det Con Boyd, who developed the Dynamic Entry Beam torch in his spare time, said: "I am really proud of the torch, it will take the small specialist torch market by storm.

"I aimed its design primarily to fit alongside my varying designs of helmet bracket currently in use by police and military rapid intervention teams.

"I was approached by the military to come up with a torch that would fit my brackets and totally illuminate a darkened room without the complications of having to manually focus a beam and to improve light intensity."

It is the third major success for Det Con Boyd's inventing hobby. In 1999 he developed Skynet, a link between helicopters and officers on the ground, and WOLVES, a video system carried by a police dog.

The Dynamic Entry Beam system has been under trial for more than a year by the police and military and is in use by several police firearms units. It is being tested by Explosives Ordnance Bomb Disposal (EOD).

Trials have shown that the torch out-performs torches of a similar size and have been so successful that the U.S. firm Techno sales Global Inc of Florida have taken over manufacture and supply to law enforcement and military users around the world.

SWAT and military teams in the U.S. are also testing the device.

A spokesman for the UK joint military service trials unit, said: "The torch is being trialled for use within the military. To date the DEB torch has consistently outperformed its rivals presently in service with the military and those available in the commercial market.

Det Con Boyd, who has a military background, said he intends to devote more time to inventing when he retires next year.

The product talked about in this article is an earlier design to that currently being marketed by Goodman Bentley. The current product is known as WOLFEYES.


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