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Clients and sub contract staff if asked for certain personal information such as your name, contact details, address, age, curriculum vitae etc or other personal details, this is personal information, This personal information therefore, is provided on a voluntary basis, and by submitting it, you consent to its use as described and in line with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

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Integrity, Protection and Retention of Your Personal Information

Goodman Bentley Limited will protect your personal information to the very best of its ability. That being said, we cannot guarantee the total security of information, and ultimately any information provided, is done so at your own risk. Goodman Bentley uses robust and commercially proven IT Security systems, in order to safeguard your personal information. Goodman Bentley retains personal information for no longer than the time for which it required to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected, plus one year.

Personal Information Rights

To request a copy of your Personal Information, or to provide instructions to us on what you want corrected, restricted or updated, send us an e-mail at: If you have any concerns about our use of your Personal Information, you can send us an email or, if applicable, raise your concerns with an appropriate supervisory authority in your country of residence. To opt out of this framework is equally easy, send an email to the above address and ask for all your personal data to be voided.

Goodman Bentley serves the below mentioned organisations with their products:







Goodman Bentley have a diverse portfolio, that includes such things as designing and building bespoke covert electronic products, to Close Protection Services and High Risk Security for its clients. Most of its products hold NATO CODIFICATION(NSN)so that all NATO countries can avail themselves of their stock.

It has established itself over many years, as providing the best possible operational services from its staff to include all aspects of physical and personal protection and is part of the BRITISH SECURITY ASSOCIATION.

It provides two fulltime teams of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Inspection (TSCMI) personnel, for the searching and securing of premises against the plaque of listening and monitoring bugging devices,one in the UK and the other for work worldwide. These teams regularly sweep Government Buildings/Royal Palaces and blue chip company locations, at home and around the world.

The company are well respected leaders in every area of security work around the world, and can provide through their highly trained staff, from the Military and Security and Police backgrounds, the very best there is to offer in the changing face of the world and its security issues, regardless of which country the operational requirement comes from. We are used by the main suppliers to industry in all aspects of security, to compliment their customer base.


Goodman Bentley has manufactured covert drilling systems for many years where the objective is to drill through walls and enter a target stronghold where hostages are held, and insert fibre video and audio probes down to 1 mm in size to recover intelligence from within the stronghold, before any Rapid Intervention Team consider entry. The companies portfolio on this type of specialist covert equipment is immense and has led to numerous safe extractions by such teams around the world using our equipment.

STEALTH DRILL is the very latest technology in the covert drilling sphere, incorporating a light weight drilling system for the trained Police/Government or Military operator, to use, simply, safely and professionally. It has established itself as a best seller since it's introduction in December 2016

STEALTH DRILL WATER SYSTEM is a diamond core drill fed by water to tackle the hardest concrete operations, and simply attached to the STEALTH drill.

Goodman Bentley(Spec/Ops) Design & Security Limited is a respected leader in the innovation and design of special bespoke covert equipment around the world.

The company has designed many innovative products over the years, which include such things as WOLVES (Wireless Operational Link and Video Exploration System) the miniature microwave video transmission systems used by search dogs in use with Law Enforcement units and the Military

SKYNET a wrist worn miniature microwave receiver for use in receiving video images from Military and Law Enforcement helicopters on the ground, this one innovation won for the company the coveted BBC Televisions Tomorrow's World 'Inventor of the Year Award' in 2000.

The company remain the leading suppliers of its load carrying Helmet Brackets to the Military and Law Enforcement Rapid Intervention Teams, and Prison C&R units around the world.

The companies innovative skills are so diverse that it also provides simple and highly cost effective solutions to tracking targeted individuals, vehicles, boats and artefacts around the world, using both GSM, GPRS and GPS technologies to protect borders.

The Company highlights its latest SCORPION under door viewer (UDV). Many companies continue to copy what was our lead many years ago on an effective UDV, but none have provided the reliability, sustainability or the vision on enhancing this specialist tool into 2017 at a blade thickness of only 3.05mm the thinnest in the world and named SCORPION UDV with some exclusive features for those tasked with Rapid Intervention or Counter Terrorism duties!

Supplied with its own SCORPION UDV underdoor Illuminator panel providing covert light to the UDV at 940nm when there is no natural light. The final sting in the tail. This illuminator is provided with the SCORPION as a complete kit, but can be purchased on its own, if the user wants to use it with another monochrome camera system.

With its own integral removable recording DVR of 500GB highly useful for quick briefings, it is now one easy to use piece of equipment, making it a compact operational unit for use by the professional Law Enforcement and Military Operator. A MicroSD card input allows greater memory to be recorded if required for long duration specialist operations.

In 2017 we launched the latest RECON the highly effective and highly portable small handheld Non Linear Junction Detector. Used in many operational situations including the MOD and H.M Prisons in the search for items as small as a SIM card hidden on the person, with 100% location and recovery results. A real world beater!

The latest CPR4 Through Wall Human Radar Detector for Rapid Intervention Teams and Rescue Organisations was launched in 2018, many improvements have been made which include bluetooth to a safe location and software access. It also compliments the CO2 Hidden Person Detector in searching lorries for illegal Immigrants quickly and effectively using its highly portable features or indeed those trapped in major disasters or in serious operations. It is a very flexible piece of operational equipment.

All Goodman Bentley staff are highly accredited and all have been vetted to ensure maximum security at all times associated with all installations and manufacturing of its bespoke products for our customers worldwide.

Our focus is on both reliability and integrity which, we believe, is the foundation of the business we offer if we are to maintain our reputation for providing a dedicated service to meet the growing demands of our important clients.

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